Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday 13: Foods That Suck

Last week, I posted a list of my favorite foods. This week, I'm doing the opposite. Below is my list of foods that suck.
1. Warm, flat soda

2. Pasta that is so ovecooked and mushy that it's almost slimey.

3. Pizza with soggy, greasy crust

4. Miracle Whip

5. Sushi from the mall food court

6. Chewy steak

7. Dried out marshmellows

8. Airport salsa

9. Anything with lumps...especially gravy or pudding

10. Ketchup

11. Coconut

12, Bread that isn't absolutely, perfectly fresh

13. Veg-All


Mark G. said...

I agree with everything except: 10. Ketchup. Got to have ketchup on just about everything!!

Ms. Val said...

At least you didn't disagree with airport salsa...which is basically ketchup with onions in it.