Monday, April 14, 2008

Hints and Tips

--Use the meats of walnut to hide surface scratches from the wood floor. Simply rub the walnut into the scratch and it pretty much disappears.

--When pushing a shopping cart, string the belt of the baby seat through your purse handle and clip it shut. This tactic may not completely thwart a purse snatcher, but it will make your bag just a bit harder to steal.

--Keep a baby sock in the car. It will come in handy on a hot day when the stick shift knob could double as a branding iron. Just slip the sock over the handle, and you won't have that shifting diagram burned into the palm of your hand.

--Don't let junk mail make its way into the house. Make a stop at the recycling can before going inside.

--If your wife sighs and rolls her eyes, something is wrong. DO NOT ignore her. Doing so is grounds for her to make your life hell.

--Covered sugar bowls make great dispensers for kitty treats. They're prettier than foil zip-top baggies, too.