Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday 13: Everyday

Thirteen things I do everyday:

1. Wear or use something pink.
2. Kiss my husband.

3. Utter the phrase: "When we remodel the kitchen..."

4. Tear the house apart looking for a misplaced item (keys, glasses, pens, shoes, flash drive, etc.)

5. Look for Harlequin double egg cups on eBay.

6. Say something nice to the boys.

7. Remember something that occurred during Q's hospitalization. It could be something major and painful like his second surgery. Or it could be something pleasant like the smiling old guy who played piano in the atrium of Mayo Hospital.
8. Be at a loss for words.

9. Contemplate new ways to display the dishes and/or rearrange the furniture.

10. Crave chocolate

11. Eat chocolate

12. Get annoyed

13. Worry about a homework assignment that's coming due.