Monday, January 07, 2008


For Christmas, I got Quinton one of those KitchenAid Stand Mixers. No, I didn't buy the pink one. It would have looked nice with the pineapple-colored walls and verdigris countertop, but I wasn't about to emasculate my husband that way. I can be a good wife sometimes, but such moments are few and far between.

I did have a very difficult choosing between the Empire Red and Cobalt Blue mixer, however. I ended up picking the red one...a decision that I still second guess from time to time.

Anyway, ever since he got his new toy, Q has been having a good time trying new recipes with it. He's used the mixer to make peanut butter cookies, oatmeal cookies, and pizza dough. Yes, my husband reads cookbooks the way most people read tabloid magazines and trashy novels.

And nobody's complaining. Tonight, he decided to make pretzels...because the ones at the mall food court simply aren't good enough for his family.

They turned out really good!!!! Crispy on the bottom and soft in the middle. Q also brushed them down a mixture of honey and melted butter. They don't put that kind of love into a mall pretzel...I don't think.
The only difficulty Q had was tying the pretzel knot just right. When they went in the oven, they looked like Christmas wreaths. But as the dough expanded, the holes closed in and they came out looking like bagels.