Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Very Fiesta Christmas

Santa must have had a discount on Homer Laughlin pottery because he brought a ton of it this year.

--2 trivets, cobalt and white (apparently Q was anxious to retire the Crate and Barrel tile squares I bought over 10 years ago).
--a vintage turquoise sugar bowl from my mom (I am now in search of the lid.)
--a small heather canister
--a large peacock canister
--3 Harelquin single egg cups (spruce, blue, and maroon)
--a Harlequin double egg cup (yellow)
--a Harlequin shaker (turquoise)
--a heather fruit bowl (Kyle got me this to replace the one he accidentally broke while unloading the dishwasher)
--a 2007 ornament from Dillard's

On the Collectible Medium Green message board, a bunch of us did a Secret Santa exchange. My Santa--a wonderful lady named Daphne--sent me this Fiesta Hostess Serving Set. These are great because we are always running out of serving spoons. They were a REALLY pleasant surprise because I had never seen them before.

These two Fiesta ornaments are only available through the Bon-Ton department store chain. There are no such stores in the Phoenix area, and the ornaments can't be bought online.
I had asked my mother in law to pick them up for me. I even called the Herberger's store in Stillwater, MN to check availibility before having Pat drive down there. During the phone call, I inquired about having the ornaments shipped to me directly, which the sales clerk cheerfully agreed to do. This move saved Pat the trouble of making an extra trip to the mall. Also, since Herberger's doesn't have a presence in Arizona, sales tax wasn't paid.
A better shot of the canisters, plus the evergreen covered butter dish I got from my sister.


Christopher said...

I wish you hadn't posted those ornaments. It makes me despair since I was 20 minutes from a Bon Ton-owned store when visiting my family last week, and now if I want them, I'll have to drive an hour to get them!

Ms. Val said...

Christopher, give them a call. I'm sure they'll ship them to you. I got mine by calling the Herberger's in Stillwater, MN. Their number is (651) 430-9229. The shipping charge was $8.

BTW, someone on CMG mentioned that the ornaments are now priced at $8.50. That will certainly make the shipping cost a little easier to swallow.

Mark G. said...

I never liked the Antique Gold glaze, but it really works in that last photo!

Ms. Val said...

Actually, Mark, antique gold (or some variation thereof) is my prediction for the next new color. It would look nice with evergreen (or juniper), cobalt, and cinnabar.