Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Triple A!

I just got my semester grades. I aced all three classes!!!!! I'm quite proud of myself. I'm especially proud of acing my Color & Design class. At midterms, I was running a B in that class. But during the second half of the semester, we had a couple of major projects, and I hit both of those out of the park. Harpy also said that I my drafting skills are "superior". Major compliment there.

But even more than C&D, I was worried about my grade in my AutoCAD class. By the end of the semester, I hadn't finished the entire final assignment packet. But then, almost nobody did, either. When the instructor informed me of my A grade, I was floored. Apparently, he decided not to grade those last few drawings. Phew!

As for my texiles class, that was an easy A. Yes, I did work hard, and I did well on the tests. And on the assignments, I produced quality results. But the instructor (wonderful woman...I'd love to take classes with her again) is a very generous grader.

Now, I have a month before I have to do it all again.


Christopher said...

Woo-hoo!!!! Congrats!

RainbowDishes said...

Excellent Job! I know you worked very hard with your classes...you got the grades you deserved.

Ms. Val said...

Christopher and Craig--

Those grades came at a price. A very high price. Yes, I did work hard, but I also endured a great deal of stress. I yelled. I cussed. I threw things. Many times Q would take the boys and leave, and Jango would take cover under Kyle's bed.

Christopher said...

Val, tell Luke that I got Guitar Hero for my Wii for Xmas, and it is AH-MAZING! If you love your son, you'll buy it for him.

Ms. Val said...

Christopher, Luke got better than Guitar Hero. He got a guitar! A real one, with a stand, an amp, music books...the works. He has Grandma to thank for that one.

Anyway, the Wii belongs to Kyle, and he keeps VERY tight reins over which games get bought and used on it. Although he did download old school Super Mario Brothers at my urging.

I'm glad you're enjoying your Wii. Play it while you can before classes start up again!