Friday, December 07, 2007

Time For a Diet?

Q likes to cook. Yes, he makes some big kitchen messes. But we eat really well--sometimes too well. My Fiesta dishes get used and appreciated. And that's all matters.

Q especially likes to try new recipes. He'll spend entire evenings watching Food Network. And he reads cookbooks the way most people read a novel. Occasionally, he comes across some recipes that makes us laugh. Or cry.

In the mood for dessert, Q was looking for an apple crisp recipe. He came across one whose ingredients included an 11 0z. can of condensed cheddar cheese soup. Of course, the recipe was in a Campbell's Soup cookbook, but still...
Keep looking, Dear.
Another book had a recipe for Mayonnaise Sugar Cookies. No thanks. I prefer my mayo mixed in with tuna, or on a roast beef sandwich. Keep it away from the cookies.

The best place to find odd recipes are in cookbooks compiled by parents groups, churches, PTAs and ladies clubs. These books contain lots of great meals, but there are many that leave me scratching my head. One such book contained a recipe for something called Ice Cream Salad. I like ice cream. And I like salad. Those two belong together about as much as cookies and mayonnaise.

I also came across a recipe for something called Sky-High Biscuits. Is this any relation to Funny Brownies?

My favorite recipes--for comedy value, anyway--are the ones where the name has nothing to do with actual dish...or even food, for that matter. Q found something called "The Next Best Thing To Robert Redford". This turned out to be a recipe for dessert bars.

Also worth a laugh are the recipes that don't even deserve to be called recipes. Case in point: a Spanish rice dish that consists of 2 cups of Minute Rice, 1 can of tomato sauce, and 1 can of hot water. That's NOT Spanish Rice. That's just...Minute Rice with tomato sauce mixed in.

And Q wonders why I'm such a picky eater...