Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dishing With Friends

Today, Q and I drove out to Apache Junction to meet up and go Fiesta hunting with fellow dish buddies Rebecca, Mike, Wendy, Rick, and Denise. I had met Wendy, Mike, and Rick before, but I had only known Becca and Denise from the Medium Green message board, and from phone conversations (Denise).
We started the day at the Patterns of the Past antique mall. Q and I were the first to arrive so we waited in the car. But it wasn't long before Rebecca and Denise made their entrance by nearly t-boning the Mustang with a Chevy Malibu.
Once inside, Denise spotted a ginormous bin of loose silverware. She set out to look for a certain pattern whose name I can't remember. Wendy scored a vintage Fiesta ivory ice lip pitcher for $20-something. Also, Becca accidentally broke--and had to buy--"an ugly, overpriced vase".
Then, it was off to lunch at Dirtwater Springs. This is an old cowboy-type joint with wood plank floors and taxidermy decor. This place had some of the best salsa I'd had in a long time. Also, nobody spit in Denise's food when she sent it back to the kitchen. This was a source of some concern. The beef in her French dip sandwich was mostly fat, she thought the cook would retaliate when she ordered a different meal.

We also celebrated an impromptu belated birthday party for a fellow disher (Sally), who's family apparently forgot. Rick brought a red velvet cake, and Becca and Denise held up Bics as candles. I "borrowed" this picture from Rick because his turned out better than mine.

Outside Dirtwater Springs: Wendy, Denise, Val, and Rebecca. Becca gifted us ladies with these nifty disk pitcher pins. Hers was pink, Denise's got turquoise, I wore yellow, and Wendy got ivory. Walking through the antique malls we looked like some sort of madcap dishing gang.
After lunch, it was off to the Superstition Grand Antique Mall. This is where I SCORED. I just about fainted when Rick found an Antique Gold Ironstone sauce boat. Then he showed me the price ($12.50) and I almost fainted AGAIN! THEN he informed me that it's 20% off, and I began to hyperventilate. Rick had to hold me up, and Q held on to the sauce boat because I didn't want to pull a Becca.
Also at the Grand, Wendy and Rick both passed on a white Fiesta tripod candleholder. At only $4, I snatched it up.

After the dishing was done, we got some passerby to take a group photo. I "borrowed" this photo from Wendy since I didn't get one on my camera. We didn't want to bombard the dude with FIVE cameras. (l-r: Becca, Mike, Wendy, Rick, Denise, Val, and Quinton).

My haul for the day. The Harlequin salt and pepper shakers were a gift from Denise, and the cobalt ornament blank, along with a yellow Fiesta pin were from Becca.
In all, it was a great day. Great dishes, great food, and best of all, GREAT FRIENDS. Tomorrow, Denise and Becca will be traveling back to New Mexico and Washington, respectively. Be safe, you two!