Saturday, October 06, 2007

All Work and No Play...

...makes Ms. Val one pi$$ed off bitch!!!!! I have FIVE sketches due on of which is comprehensive. It must include ALL the principals and elements of design that we have been covering this semester. I have been laboring over that one all day.

I worked on the other four yesterday--one of which took me all afternoon--but only two are completely done. The other two are most of the way there.

In addition, we have a mid-term test on Monday. I don't know when I'm going to have time to study for that one! Oh, and we have to have our supplies for the "color" portion of the course on Monday. Good thing I found the time to go buy that stuff back on Thursday.

This is the current state of our dining room:

For the last three days, my family has had to eat all meals in the kitchen, living room, or wherever they can find a flat surface to set a plate.

All this effort, energy, and resentment is directed at ONE CLASS! Or more aptly, the instructor. The spring schedule was released online this week. And this harpy little woman is slated to teach both the classes I need to complete my degree. I'm seriously considering completing my coursework in Scottsdale. I'll have one hell of a commute, but it just might be worth it.

Also, due to the endless workload, the above photo will serve double duty as tomorrow's edition of "Sunday Dishes". Sorry.


Menchie said...

That seems to be a LOT of work required. No wonder you're pissed off!

Christopher said...

I think you should post some of your sketches...your fans would like to see them, dear.

Ms. Val said...

You're right, Christopher! I should, and I will. I'll have to gather them up. One is hanging up in Lucas' room (he really liked it, and I told him he could have it), and there are a few others on display at school.

I also did a sketch of Jango that I'm really proud of, but that one hasn't been graded yet.