Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When You Need a Good Laugh....

...just open a newspaper. The following article appeared in the online version of the Arizona Republic today:

'Bra Bandit' strikes Flagstaff Mall
Brandon Kline
12 News
Sept. 25, 2007 06:19 PM

Flagstaff police are looking for someone who stole bras, lots of bras.

According to police, about $15,000 worth of underwear from Victoria's Secret was taken Saturday without tipping off employees.

Those responsible were able to haul about 350 bras out the main entrance during business hours.

Officers are not sure why the anti-theft tags didn't activate the alarm. Police say there is no surveillance footage of the crime. The culprits attempted to haul out so many bras, police say they had to leave some behind.

Investigators say they believe the culprits may be trying to sell the bras and plan on monitoring Internet auction sites to see if anything appears to be connected to the Flagstaff heist.

What's funny--other than the fact that the Republic published this story--are the reader comments that followed it. I checked in throughout the day whenever I needed a laugh. In all, there were 10 pages of hilarious comments. My favorites are below:

"It's hard to believe that isn't an inside job. That store has boobietraps all over the place!"

"I hope these criminals get BUSTed"

"Glad azcentral is keeping us abreast of the situation."

"I hope when they catch these bandits they are able to find a support group to help them."

"I hope the criminals get busted, and the court system milks them for all they are worth."

"I found this story to be very titillating. I'm not sure how the police will solve it with all the cases they have to Juggle."

"It should be implanted firmly in the theives minds that they are in double trouble."

"I hope Flagstaff's economy doesn't get saggy from the loss of support from Victoria Secret Sales."

"It has definitely been stimulating material. I think AZ should consider giving this article the boobie prize."

"Thanks AZCentral for 'full coverage' on this story"

"It's an embarrasing situation for Victoria Secrets, I sure hope they keep it Underwire"

"They should augment their investigation by implanting undercover cops up front."

"I must say I am totally "uplifted" by this article"

"Did they get areola photographs?"

"The VS employees need our 18-hour support."

"Tata for now everyone!"