Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Dishes: Double Retired

Today, I am featuring Fiesta pieces that are retired both in color and shape.

Millennium 3 vases and handled cake plates, both in Rose and Chartreuse.

Pedestal mugs in Seamist, Rose, Periwinkle, and Chartreuse. These mugs are great if you like your hot cocoa prepared Ned Flanders' style.

My lone tripod bowl. These are so little and cute. I'd like to try to find more.


Mark G. said...

Are the pedestal mugs discontinued? I only ask because I noticed they're still listed on HLC's site.

Ms. Val said...

Mark, yes, the pedestals are discontinued as of this year. A place called Dinnerware Closeout has them listed as such. The same site still has some Rose, Periwinkle, and a few pieces of Fiesta 2000.