Saturday, September 08, 2007

Seeing Red

I'm not in a particularly good mood today so I'm going to regale the group with a list of people and situations that make me angry.

--Supposedly educated people who misuse words like "there" and "their", "your" and "you're" or "wear" and "ware". On the other hand, I have gotten some great eBay deals on Fiesta wear. And no, I wasn't buying clothes.

--Adult women who talk and sing (Britney) with baby voice. Somehow, I think this can be controlled. If it can't be, I apologize to all the naturally baby voiced women out there. Except for Britney. She grates on my nerves no matter what she sounds like.

--People who are openly rude to cashiers, store clerks, waiters, and other service workers.

--Certain members of my family who leave open cereal boxes out on the kitchen counter. It doesn't bother me that the cereal gets left out, but CLOSE the %@*& boxes, people!!!! That's how food goes stale!!!!

--People who finish their drinks and leave the empty cup on a store shelf. While I often see abandoned cups from places like McDonald's, Circle K, and In-N-Out Burger, I find that Starbucks drinkers are the worst offenders. (The photo below was not staged in any way. I took it as I found it.)

--Road racers. I was almost run off the road by a couple of punk @$$es the other night. I was kind of hoping they'd crash their trucks into each other.

--Anyone who operates with a misguided sense of personal entitlement.

--Anyone who parks their one car in the middle of my 2-car driveway. I don't know why this bothers me so much, but it really, REALLY does. You can park to the side--ONE side. You can even park behind my car. If I have to leave while you're still here, I'll just take Quinton's car. Or vice-versa. It's never been a problem. We swap all the time, anyway. Just don't park in the middle!!!!!

Recently, I came home and found the refrigerator maintenance worker had parked his van high-centered in the driveway. I had to park in the street. That left such a bad taste in my mouth that I just let Q deal with him. Meanwhile, I hid out in a distant room and stewed in my own juices until he left.

--The guy who spits on the ground. Repeatedly. Outside a restaurant window. While Q and I are trying to enjoy our lunch!!!!!! EWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

--People who park their shopping cart transverse across the aisle. Then they act put out and offended when you kindly ask them to scoot it over. Nothing would diffuse my temper faster than a simple apology as they reel in their cart.

--Going to a sandwich shop or other fast food-type establishment, and finding dispensers for the straws, condiments, ketchup cups, napkins, etc. all empty, or close to it. Yet, there's a tip jar prominently displayed on the counter! In these situations, I try to convince myself that all the dollar bills are merely "seed" money, planted by the manager at the beginning of the shift.

--The dumb broad in the SUV who almost ran over Lucas as we were crossing the Target parking lot this afternoon. This was a middle age woman with a bouffant hairdo, driving a gold Chevy Tahoe, Arizona license plate number..... just kidding. But I did yell at loudly at her: "Hey, watch youself!!!!! You almost ran over my kid!!!!!" Stupid bitch.


Menchie said...

I thought of doing a similar post the other day when I got so mad while driving.

You talk about people with an overblown sense of entitlement. I sooooo agree with you there! My car was almost swiped by a police escort as they led a van through the traffic congested road one morning. It was another one of our corrupt politician or their brats, I'm sure. Sometimes I wish they would pull me over so i can give them a piece of my mind! i don't give way to those idiots so maybe I will get pulled over one of these days. I just dare them.

Ms. Val said...

Go for it, Menchie! Conpiling such a list can be very cathartic. The only thing that would feel better would be to actually start yelling.

Oh, and kicking that Tahoe woman's @$$.