Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vacation Pictures: Minnesota

The final leg of our trip included antique shopping in Stillwater, MN...a trip to the amusement park at Mall of America, and boating at Centerville Lake.

Beautiful Stillwater, Minnesota. Located on the St. Croix River, Stillwater is said to be the antiques capital of Minnesota. I could kick myself for passing up a red Harlequin 36s bowl that was priced at $18. I guess it didn't seem like a big enough bargain at the time.

At the Mall of America. We're on this ride somewhere.

Q's mom was nice enough to hold on to my suede purse while the rest of us got wet on the log ride. She also took this picture.

Little girls love Lucas.

Lucas and Sidney (Q's cousin's daughter). These two became fast friends.

Sidney and Luke being towed behind the boat at Centerville Lake...

...and Kyle and Q...

They even managed to get me on that thing!

This is a real store at the Minneapolis airport. "Keep walking, boys. We will buy our overpriced snacks and magazines elsewhere."


Irene said...

What a super fun adventure! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos! ;p