Sunday, July 22, 2007

Vacation Pictures: Dorchester, Iowa

We've been back from our trip since Wednesday, but I've been working on paring down the king sized pile of laundry that took over our family room. Also, I needed a vacation from my vacation.

My dad's very large family is from the tiny town of Dorchester, Iowa. Below is the family church--a very simplified example of gothic architecture.

The little house my grandparents moved to after they retired from farming. Some of the best meals I ate as a child came out of its kitchen.

Beautiful downtown Dorchester. The building on the left is the supper club (that's what they call restaurants back there). The place in the middle is the local bar, and the taller building on the right is the post office. I think there's a small store on the far right.

The creek. We played here alot as kids. I remember trying to catch fish with a homemade pole fashioned out of a large twig and a piece of rope. On this visit to the creek, we had to cut through a private yard to get there. The whole time, I thought someone was going emerge from their house and chase us away.

Mark G. is not the only garden pic poster in the blogosphere.

The Pot of Ice:

Reunion photos will be posted tomorrow.


rae beardmore simpson said...

OMG. I was looking for images from Dorchester and found your blog. My family is from Dorchester. The Beardmores. Was looking for your name to see if we grew up together, it is a small world! Thanks for sharing the photos. It is good to know that we are not the only family that takes a vacation to Dorchester.