Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ms. Val's Bargain of the Week

I have long believed that best stuff is found when you're looking for something else. Yesterday, I went to Big Lots in search of accessories for Q's new office. There was nothing good in that part of the store, but as I was about to leave, I wandered through the pool toy aisle. There, I found a treasure trove of rafts, beach balls, floaties, tubes, noodles, and these goggle packs:
6 pairs of goggles of $4. I'm not sure about the quality, but then I don't expect them--or any of our other pool toys--to last through August...if we're lucky. Around here, if the kids don't do damage, the weather will. The sun and heat will fade and weaken anything made of plastic. And an evening windstorm will send an inflatable raft sailing all the way into La Paz County...if it doesn't get punctured on a cactus first.

It seems that whether a raft costs $3 or $30, it's useful life is pretty much the same. That's why I've resorted to buying the cheap stuff and replacing it every year. I suppose I could curtail wear and tear on the pool toys by bringing them indoors when not in use. But I'm not willing to turn my family room into a storehouse for garish dayglow inflatables.

As for the goggles, if a strap breaks, there's a replacement pair at the ready. Also, I won't have to deal with four kids fighting over three pairs.

I'm probably going to have to buy another pack.


Menchie said...

my kids' goggles always get lost. $4 IS a bargain for that lot.