Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

For awhile, I had been nosing around ebay, seeking out a piece of Harlequin Fiesta in the spruce color. Specifically, I had been wanting either a nut dish or an egg cup. Well, Q had apparently been studying my ebay watch list because he found a spruce egg cup and gave it to me for Mother's Day. As a bonus, he bought me the rose egg cup as well.

Kyle kept really quiet about his Mother's Day gift. On Sunday morning, he presented me with a piece of paper that had been folded no fewer than eighteen times. It was his progress report--all A's and B's!!!!! I'm so proud. I reminded him that if he can keep this up for another week and a half, he'll make the Honor Roll.

Lucas gave me a card in which he described my features: ears with cat-like eyes to watch me...shiny red hair...nose: totally useless...can't smell a thing...mouth to smile with and to eat and talk with, too. Enclosed was a coupon book for free Double-Three (double scoop of ice cream, three toppings), free bed making, free back walking, and free 2 hours of Dr. Mario, popcorn, and Pepsi. All coupons expire on Tuesday.


Menchie said...

Oh how sweet! I loved Lucas' gift -- he is soo funny!