Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ms. Val's Bargain of the Week

Today, while running errands, we decided to stop for lunch at 5 & Diner. About halfway through the meal, Lucas spotted a giant gumball machine with a sign that read "Get a smiley-face gumball, and get a free shake." He immediately asked me for a quarter. I gave him the coin and went back to my lunch. About 10 seconds later, Lucas returned to the table wielding his yellow smiley face gumball. I also gave Kyle a quarter for a gumball, but his came out plain orange. Oh well...

When the waiter came by, we showed him the gumball, and he asked what kind of shake Luke wanted. The gaping look on that boy's face was priceless as the waiter began listing his options: Oreo shake...Butterfinger shake...Heath Bar shake...Reeses' Peanut Butter Cup shake... That's a very difficult decision for a 9-year old to make!

Lucas ended up choosing the Oreo shake. That's my boy!!!! He also saved us $4.29...less the cost of the gumball.