Monday, February 12, 2007

Wii Are Losing Money!

A few weeks ago, I posted about finally finding a Nintendo Wii for Kyle. If you will recall before Christmas, I wrote about how Kyle had been saving his money for a Wii since before most of the world knew what a Wii was.

The search began when the game console was released in November. Whenever I went to Target for laundry soap, I would do a quick walk-by through the video game aisle. Q stopped by Toys R Us everyday on his lunch hour, based on an employee tip that they received daily stock deliveries between 10:00 and 10:30. Sometimes he would stop by Circuit City on the way home.

All the while, I watched the Wii console listings on eBay. I was repulsed by sellers demanding--and getting--$600+ for a toy that retails for $250.

Well, it seems those days of making a killing on a Wii are all but gone. Just for $h!t$ and giggles, I decided to do a completed auction search for Wii consoles. While they're still commanding above-retail prices, the profit margin has diminished greatly.

As of tonight, most auctions ended in the under $300 to around $350 range. One console sold for $450, but it included additional remotes, games, extended warranty, and a host of other after-market accessories. Another auction ended at $280, plus $25 shipping. Which means that after sales tax (for which I paid $20 in AZ), packing materials, shipping costs, and eBay fees, the seller stands to make only $8 to 12...if he's lucky.

But I'm still not happy. I would like to see someone lose money on a scalped Wii deal. I'll be watching, and when I find such an auction, I'll post it here.


Menchie said...

I once got suckered by a deal on ebay for a book i wanted. Turns out I paid more when I found the book the day after paying for it.

Christopher said...

Some blogger did an experiment where he played his Wii 30 minutes every day for six weeks without changing anything else in his lifestyle. He lost three inches off his waist! He did it mostly with the boxing, tennis, and bowling games. I so need to get one of those!

Maria said...

i heard it's a lot of fun! esp. for the kids.

i have the PS3 which i got only because of the Bluray technology and the HDMI capability. After I researched on it, i would have made a bargain vs. buy those hdmi console. i'm also enjoying it.

Ms. Val said...

Menchie: I've had those moments. It sucks finding something cheaper--and sometimes better--after you bought it.

Christopher: I read that! I've been trying it, but I'm not as militant about as that guy was. Also, I'm currently nursing a case of double "wii elbow".

Maria: They are fun! One feature is that you get to create a player to your likeness (called a Mii). You choose your face shape, complexion, eye color and shape, etc. Problem is, I can't find a hairstyle that I feel does me justice. I'll try to post it sometime.

Christopher said...

It is everything I can do to keep from blowing money I need to live on and buy one. I wish I were more responsible like your Kyle!

Ms. Val said...

You shouldn't have much trouble, Christopher. Once a store gets a Wii shipment, they sell out within hours. Finding one is just a matter of being in the right store at the right time, as I was. The lady working at the Target video game counter told me that she had just put the Wiis out when I came by. I haven't seen one in stores since that day.

Kyle's sense of responsibility comes from us holding his birthday money and banking his allowance. The cash never reached his hands. Unfortunately for me, said birthday money was in Q's wallet the morning I found the Wii.