Friday, February 09, 2007

Fluffy Pink What?????

I use a Site Meter to monitor traffic on this blog. One of the features offered by Site Meter is the ability to see the Google searches that have brought people here. For the last few months, I've been compiling a list of these searches. The results range from people seeking DIY advice to someone with a sick kitty. My responses are in parentheses.

Apparently, quite a few people are seeking things that are both fluffy and pink:

--fluffy pink slippers blog
--fluffy pink pen
--pink refrigerators for myspace
--pink shoes fluffy blog
--pink fluffy curtain light
--pink fluffy door curtains
--all things pink fluffy clothes
--pink fluffy balls music
--things that are always pink (flamingos, strawberry ice cream, and my toothbrush)
--pink blog maria (Maria can be found here)

Some stopped by for decorating or home improvement tips:

--wood floor "cinnamon cake", "swiss coffee”
--advice on painting white-washed oak cabinets
(Don’t do it unless you absolutely have to)
--painting diamonds how to bedroom
(I was inspired by an idea card at Home Depot)
--mission style bannister stairway
--redo a downstairs bathroom
(Can't be any different than redoing the upstairs bathroom)
--how to redecorate a pink bathroom
(Paint it a different color)
--shabby chic bathroom makeover
--pink bathroom redecorate
--designing a chocolate and pink master bedrooms
(inspiration can be found at your neighborhood Baskin Robbins)
--decorating with whitewashed oak woodwork (Light colors work best)
--black and pink bedroom redos
--master strip paint remover mc bride co
--purple veil paint

A few had some health-related queries:

--hypercalcemia cartoon
--would a shot of cortisone bring down calcium levels
--tell-tale signs of cushing's
--recovery from cushings

Others had me scratching my head:

--wet tush
--scrub loofa bath no soap sweat armpit
--eval kineval games
--luke wadding carols
--siamese cat sick vomit dehydrate high calcium
--navajo thigh spindles
--quinton pinks
--burberry knockoff pink checked pajamas (Why look for knockoffs? If it's not authentic, it's crap!)
--tweety myspace brighton 26
--pitchers of fluffy kittens (Are we planning on drinking them?)

And the rest: (What do you need a link for? Just type the damn thing in!)
--wii shipment (I no longer care)
--wii toysrus shipping
(see above)
--carlos desperate housewives
--betty crocker catalogue liquidations
--munsters house desperate housewives
--clingfree sheets
--swimsuits optional
--mtv cribs foreclosed
--"jump start" battery "fluttering sound"
--most expensive faucet (You won't find it in my house!)
--how to download fonts
--picture of water deep-well in the Philippines (Menchie, Irene, Maria, or Ces might be able to help)
--tequila "leave shyness behind" mp3
--rainbow chiffon blouse anthropologie
--why did betty crocker catalog close
(Let me know when you find out)
--pecan mudslide treat dq image
--harlequin dinner plate dillard's
--oxiclean detergent balls leftover
--redos of kiss songs


Maria said...

your Avatar and that icon beside your web addy is so cool! i'll google you in a bit...

Ces said...

Interesting what search words would lead people to your blug. I think you have the market on the words "fluffy" and "pink".

kj said...

this is very interesting, val! i've wondered how new folks find my blog--i assume it's through a blogger i am already connected with.

indeed, the market for fluffy pink is yours....


Menchie said...

Wow, the range of searches leading to your blog is astounding!