Monday, February 26, 2007

Badly Botched Brownie Batch

As suggested by Christopher, I decided to try making a batch of egg-shaped brownies using my Fiesta egg plate. For this, I used Betty Crocker Chocolate Chunk brownie mix. After filling up the egg plate, I had plenty of batter left over to make some in the mini muffin pan.

I checked on the brownies after 5 minutes in the oven. Obviously, I had filled the egg plate resevoirs too high. Big oops! The ones in the muffin pan look pretty good, though.
Since the package directions only give baking time and temperature for regular baking pans, I had to use my best judgement. Well, despite a few fork tests, I left the brownie eggs in too long. Not only that, they were very difficult to dig out of the plate...and that was with the use of non-stick cooking spray.
We ended up eating the brownies. They were...meh. Certainly not the best batch I've ever made. Did I say that? Actually, they were the driest batch I've ever made. The ones in the muffin pan weren't that moist either. Will I try bake egg plate brownies again? Yeah, I think so. In the meantime, I think I'll leave food prep to the professional.


Christopher said...

I knew as soon as I read your post on Medium Green that I was getting blamed for your botched brownies! :-D If you figure them out, let me know!

Irene said...

Take heart, Ms. Val. Nobody can botch brownies as bad as me. ;p

Menchie said...

At least your sons ate it -- so it's still edible. Not like some of my baked creations.

Ms. Val said...

Christopher: It really was a good idea--still is, in fact. I've just never been accused of knowing my way around a kitchen.

Irene: We could have re-roofed the house with these things.

Menchie: The boys will eat anything that's chocolate. If I follow the directions to the letter and don't attempt to tweak the recipe, then I'm usually ok.