Friday, November 24, 2006

Scrooge Wears Pink

Ok, I admit. I am not looking forward to the holidays this year. I can't really pinpoint one single cause. Instead, it's just a bunch of little things. For one thing, the house is a cluttered mess. Nobody wants to help me and Q clean it, and yet the boys are p!$$ed that we aren't having people over.

We always have people over. After all, we do have the big house and Quinton loves doing the cooking. This year, I told him that I just wanted to spend a quiet Thanksgiving day with just us and the boys. Knowing the stress I've been under, he replied: "Whatever you want, Dear." I knew there was a reason I married him.

And it worked out for the best. Quinton ended up overdoing it. He was dog tired and his legs were hurting by the end of the day.

And speaking of stress, there's the matter of the architectural history class from Hell. I'm going to be spending much of the Thanksgiving weekend working on a notebook and a major presentation for that class. A few of the girls working on the project with me have informed me that they are having trouble finding non-Internet sources on our topic. I'm not going to know a moment's peace until that thing ends on December 12.

We still have a few medical bills hanging over our heads. It will probably take some fighting on our part, but they will be covered by insurance. In the meantime, I can't bring myself to go out shopping for presents for people who don't want anything...don't need anything...want only expensive items...or are impossible to buy for.

Quinton, on the other hand is looking forward to the holidays. He spend last Christmas as a weak, overweight man, who could barely walk without feeling pain. He then spent most of this year cooped up in the hospital or enduring a slow, tedious recovery at home. For this, Q is happy about the holidays. It means that 2006 is almost over. We can wipe the slate clean and this can go down as the worst year ever. For this, I agree with him.


Ces said...

I totally understand your feelings about the holidays. Don't sweat it Val. These things require so much of us. Have a peaceful quiet one. As for gifts, we have so many things we don't need. Another item won't make any difference. It's the thought that counts. I am saying this not just because I am a scrooge but because my friends really do have excess material things - it is outrageous! So do I. I do not need another thing. What I can use is nice relaxing day, lounging in the love seat, drinking coffeee, reading a book, having my husband run his fingers through my hair and have our two growing kids crowd us and laugh. As for having people over, our house is party central. Someone is always visiting and staying late. But you know what? I want to wake up in the morning and know that I and my family are the only ones in the house so I can stay in my pajamas all day, if I want to do so.

Have a Merry Christmas Val.

Denise said...

Val-I understand about the Christmas Holidays too.
It started off with my father getting sick before the holidays and dying on Dec. 27th.
Then I broke my hip, two years ago today, had it operated on. They put a plate and screw in. That pulled out in two weeks. So the whole month of Dec. I couldn't walk. Jan 10th after that Christmas I had a hip replacement. During all of this same Christmas my husband's and my favorite aunt fell and broke her hip too, but bless her heart she died a week before Christmas.
Then last Dec.17th my little Calico kitten died. She was 13 years old.
On top of all of this my husband hates to shop. I have to do all the shopping for everyone on my side and his side of the family. He will buy for me and a special something for the kids from him.
I do make him help me wrap tho or I would be nutso completely.
That's why I don't like Christmas anymore! I'm trying to but it's hard- Denise