Tuesday, November 14, 2006

He Does All His Own Stunts, Part 4

I would like to know what pattern of behavior occurred to make Lucas think that standing on the newel post was a good idea. That post is only a 4 1/2 inch square. Also, he's holding the champagne flute to emulate the Statue of Liberty.


Christopher said...

You haven't taken him to see Cirque du Soleil lately, have you dear?

Denise said...

Val- He needs to be in some kind of gymnastics. He has incredible balance. That's great! Denise

DeniseNM said...

This child would make me a nervous wreck!!! LOL


kj said...

denise is right: this is an olympic gymnast in the making.

hey, val, i'm glad i'm part of the weekly neighborhood pizza party. my pleasure.

Ms. Val said...

Christopher--Nope, no trips to the circus for us. Our lives are a circus so actually paying to see one would be quite redundant.

Denise and KJ--you're right. I never thought of putting him in gymnastics. But with his small size and big strength he could do well.

DeniseNM--you're not kidding. But nothing that boy says or does surprises me anymore.