Wednesday, November 15, 2006

6 Blogworld Road

Ces and a bunch of other bloggers have moved to Blogworld Road. The first time I stopped by, I fell in love with the neighborhood. So, I decided to take up residence here as well...before all the good houses are taken and the prices go up.

I live in the Spanish style house at 6 Blogworld Road. My house is the one with bikes on the driveway and kids playing on the lawn and climbing trees.

My freezer is stocked with popsicles for the neighhborhood kids (Kyle is their alpha dog). I usually have fresh-baked cookies at the ready, but if not, there's always microwave popcorn made with Luke's special recipe (extra butter and cinnamon sugar).

The inside of my house is always under construction. I am always painting, unpainting, and repainting the walls. Also, there are shopping bags everywhere, all filled with clothes, dishes, and accessories. For all of it, I spent less than $30.

Christopher lives nearby, and he's always coming over to borrow tools from Q, and fluffy pink accessories from my closet. He always returns these items promptly and in better condition than issued. The boys to do odd jobs in and around his house. Kyle rakes leaves while Luke climbs to the highest depths of his fruit trees and picks off all the rotten apples. Christopher usually pays them in Fiesta and iTunes downloads, but the other day, Luke brought home a VHS copy of Mommie Dearest. I know I'm crazy, but I'm not THAT bad. :-)

Every week, we host pizza parties. Christopher, Ces, Papa, Mark, WW, Maria, HE, Irene, KJ, their families, and all their blog friends stop by and and eat Daddy Pizza and visit around the bar of our newly remodeled kitchen. No paper plates here. Everyone gets to eat off their favorite Fiesta color...although the last sapphire fan to arrive might have to eat their pizza out of a cereal bowl...or fight Lucas for the dinner plate.

Everyone always contributes their favorite topping and a drink.


Leo said...

This is so great! This idea has really picked up huh?
I love your house. Please feel free to visit me at 14.
It's the Victorian one.
Hope to see you soon

Juliet said...

Hey! I'm Juliet at number 7 - the old boot. Nice to be meeting all my neighbours!! I feel quite small down here in my boot looking up at no.6!! What a lovely pad you have!

Ces said...

Ahem. This is a beautiful house. No doubt full of Fiesta
lilac dishes. I will be sure to stop by everyday.

Of course you are welcome at the big red barn in No.11.

Caroline said...

Caroline at number 13 - I'm the one in the lighthouse. I love your house - it's a beautiful addition to the neighbourhood.
So happy to meet you - pop around any time.
Caroline x

papa said...

Love your house,Val! Be sure and visit me at #19,just out your back door! Be sure and bring your shovel! (and some of those huge limes for margaritas!)

Anonymous said...

Ms. Val,

I live close to you! I'm at #8, from my window I can smell Daddy's Pizza, it's making me hungry... May I trade my chocolates for a slice? (I'm afraid I only have chocolates in the house - it's my fave food!)


PS: Can Random Guy visit and have a slice, too?

kj said...

val,i'm moving in with ces. she said it was ok. wish us both luck....

gentlemanoracle said...

Hey i'm Karl from No 15. You have lovely home. Feel free to pop around for drinks anytime

Within Without said...

Does Q deliver up to Canada?

Or does he only deliver to Blogworld Road, where I have not officially taken up residence yet?

Ms. Val said...

Hello, neighors! Does anyone know if this community offers curbside recycling? If not, I'll be starting a petition drive, and I'm hoping everyone will support me.

Maria, WW and everyone else, Q you can stop by for pizza anytime you notice the scent wafting out the back door. We don't deliver to Canada (yet), and Random Guy can have a slice, too.