Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Anniversary to ME!

A few people have inquired as to whether I got the Coach handbag that had been drooling over. No, I didn't. But it wasn't due to Quinton's usual inability to take a hint. He took this one. And he had every intention to get me the bag. But plans changed.

On our way to Palm Springs, we stopped by the gi-normous outlet mall in Cabazon. Our first stop was the Coach store. They didn't have the bag I wanted. No worries. We'll pick it up one of the Phoenix'll just cost a little more money.

Later, we wandered into the Burberry store. There before me was a rack of handbags. There were various sizes and shapes, but all were in the candy check pattern (read: pink). Oh, and did I mention...? They were all on sale!!!! Q had to ask the saleslady to get a mop for my drool mess. Just kidding.

It didn't take me long to decide that I'd rather have a pink Burberry than a black Coach. The hard part was deciding which one to get. They had slings, clutches, shoulder totes, and a little satchel that looked like a doctor bag for a toddler. Decisions, decisions... Q knew this was going to take awhile so he retreated to a bench in the front of the store.

It took a lot of hemming and hawing on my part, but I ended up choosing this small barrel bag:

I love my new bag. It's cute...the shoulder strap is neither too long, nor too's comfortable...and it's the perfect size. But best of all, it's pink. Because I can't possibly have enough pink handbags. Seriously...


Anonymous said...

Oh, what beautiful bags you have! Pink really is such a pretty color, isn't it?

Happy Anniversary, Ms. Val! Stay happy in love always! c",)