Friday, November 03, 2006

Cotton Candy

Taking a page out of Christopher's book, I'm starting a blog feature that mimicks his Weekly Cheese. I'll use this feature to post chintzy fluff videos along the same vein as those at Trading Faces. Also like the processed Cheese, Cotton Candy will have no nutritional value whatsoever. Also, I won't make it a weekly thing. Cotton Candy will be a special treat, served up only when and if I feel like it.

Today's clip is a rare diddy from 1982. Great song--one of my favorites, in fact--but the video was obviously made at a time when nobody knew how to make a quality music video. This one is so bad that you'll laugh your black beater shirt off.

I have rather vivid memories of watching this video almost every hour on Channel 61. I'm sure a few of my local readers might remember Channel 61. It was a low-powered UHF video channel that tried to fill the void caused by the fact that MTV--and the rest of cable, for that matter--was a limited commodity in Phoenix during the early 80s.

With Channel 61, 80's childen of the desert suburbs got to watch "I Ran" by Flock off Seagulls no less than a dozen times a day. We stared in awe as tried to figure out whether Boy George was a man or a woman. We were exposed to Spandau Ballet. And if you were really lucky, the rabbit ears on your family's TV were big enough to get a clear signal. The channel was at least half static. That's probably why it folded after about two years.


Christopher said...

One question: when does The Weekly Cheese EVER have any nutritional value, my dear?

Ms. Val said...

You're right, Christopher. Upon further review, I decided to edit the statement in question. Read it again. I think you'll approve. I like this new version better,'s definately truer.

Christopher said...

I do know I'm all about accuracy!