Sunday, November 01, 2009

Greed & Hate

For Halloween, Q and I dressed up as Jon and Kate.  Here's how our costumes turned out::

We had a lot of fun rocking this look because Jon and Kate are the embodiment of everything we're against:  greed...adultery...child exploitation...bad taste...

When we were shopping for costumes last weekend when I spotted the "Eight is Too Many" wig.  An idea was born.

For Kate's costume I used:
--the stripey, spiky, blond wig with cartoonishly long bangs (we later found out that this wig can be worn backwards as a true mullet.  Next year:  Joe Dirt!)
--hot pink flouncy sleeved top from Old Navy
--long, dangly hoop earrings
--heavy makeup...including frequent reapplications of lip gloss
--white framed plastic sunglasses from Walmart
--rhinestone-studded jeans

I had a lot more fun with Q's outfit.  To recreate Jon's look, I douched him up but good!

Jon's costume consisted of:
--T-shirt with skulls, flames, and other garish crap on it (I found this in a clearance rack at TJ Maxx...Ed Hardy was just too expensive for a shirt he would only wear once).
--Black ballcap worn backwards
--Dark glasses
--3/8" rhinestones glued to his ears
--Jeans with strategically-placed rips and bleach spots
--Three days of stubble growth
--Thick stack of fake $20 bills hanging out of his back pockets
--Padding under his shirt to recreate Jon's big belly.


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ChristopherM said...

I love that he would only wear the Ed Hardy shirt once...that's the mark of a man with taste.

Ms. Val said...

Thank you! I had fun putting these outfits together. All the store-bought costumes looked too chintzy.

Christopher, I couldn't believe how expensive those Ed Hardy shirts are. I saw them in TJ Maxx for $30 and thought that was high. Then the other day, I was in Macy's and saw them for $70. Yikes! That's a lot of money for a whole lot of ugly!

Devilish Southern Belle said...

Good job! I haven't dressed up in forever!

Anonymous said...

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