Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Growth Happens

Stoplights are going up at the entrance to our neighborhood.  An interesting fact:  this interection is actually the confluence of four different roads:  67th Ave to the south...Pyramid Peak Parkway to the north...Rowel Road to the east...and Jomax Road to the west.


Quinton said...

Is that a UFO in the sky?
No, wait. It's just a chip in the windshield.

~M said...

No, I think it's a seagull. LOL! j/k

Devilish Southern Belle said...

Growth.....hate it, but love it, too. I hope we don't "grow" too much more around here!

Ms. Val said...

Q--I know. And thanks for noticing.

M--Don't encourage him.

DSB--I have mixed feelings about the stoplights. Making the left turn to go up the hill will now be so much easier.