Sunday, September 06, 2009

Having a Moment

Anyone who sends unsolicited paper into my house runs the risk of being SMACKED!

You are single-handedly sabotaging my neverending efforts to keep and maintain organizational harmony on horizontal surfaces scattered throughout the house.

Flyers, circulars, unsolicited magazines, coupon envelopes filled with offers for crap I will never buy, and leaflets will be sent straight to the recycling bin.

The mail order catalogues that used to excite me are no longer welcome here. I do all my remote shopping online.

Same goes with phone books. In recent years, we have been getting new sets of the Greater Phoenix area Yellow and White Pages--3 to 4 books total--every few months. Other than keeping miniaturized copies of the West Valley phone book in the trunk of each car, these are useless to me.

Q and I spent a few hours cleaning out drawers, desktops, shelves, boxes, and other surfaces where clutter gathers. The recycling bin that was emptied on Thursday is now filled beyond capacity.

This is not an appeal to "go green". That's why I chose purple for this font. I'm just trying to reduce clutter and maintain order in the home.


papa said...

I'm afaid you'd have a spastic fit if you ever saw my computer desk, Val! One of these days the stack on the non-working printer is going to avalanche and I will never be seen again!

Yvonne said...

Personally I'm all for sending any junk mail back in the self addressed stampped envelope (including the envelope it came in) with "take me off your list" on it.

The rest I'm doing the same as you - working to not let it in the house.