Monday, February 16, 2009

No Sale!

The following item appeared in today's Dear Abby. There are a few people who I hope see this. Some of them might even read this blog (I have a LOT of lurkers). And if they don't see it here, maybe they'll see it in the newspaper. Anyway, I'm glad it's not just me.

DEAR ABBY: Am I alone in feeling insulted that the only time I am invited to "friends'" homes is when they have something to sell? First it was food storage items, then jewelry and clothing, and now it's food supplements that will "change my life."

Some of these invitations come from people who have been to my home for dinners or parties, but have never reciprocated -- until now. Although I would love to be in their homes socially, I have no intention of going for a sales pitch so they can get free stuff, gain points or whatever.

Do I even owe them an RSVP for this kind of invitation? -- SOLICITED IN REDWOOD CITY, CALIF.

DEAR SOLICITED: I understand your feelings, but if you want to continue having a social relationship with these people, then politely RSVP with your regrets. To ignore the invitation would be a breach of good manners.


RainbowDishes said...

Fine, see if I ever invite you to one of my gay tupperware parties. LOL Yeah, that would be a nuisance and very unfriendly-like to only in vite your friends for a sales party. I used to get hit-up for those candle parties many years ago, but luckily I haven't had to deal with that problem since.

Ms. Val said...

If it was a gay Tupperware party, I'd be insulted if I wasn't invited! :-)))

The parties themselves aren't the problem. It's the friends and relations who pop out of obscurity and extend the invitation only when your presence includes the possibilty of personal gain.

Kelly said...

Yeah... that's where sales gets a little weird. I go through dry spells with my silver business because I refuse to guilt people into having parties. Let's just say I'll never be top rep in the nation. LOL.

Ms. Val said...

I refuse to guilt people into having parties. Let's just say I'll never be top rep in the nation. LOL.

Yes, but you'll be able to look at youself in the mirror with a clear conscience. Stick to your guns, dear.