Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do I Creep You Out?

In my Presentation Techniques class, we had to design and create a concept drawing for a case piece/chair combination. For those of you don't know what a case piece is, look it up. Google is your friend.

Part of the drawing had to include a person. In interior and architectural renderings, people are used to indicate scale. And instead of creating them from scratch, we usually trace them from books and magazines. My instructor has a book full of line drawings of people engaged in different activities and poses. In this case, I chose and traced a person who appeared to be leaning on a counter.

Here's how my design turned out:

On my evaluation sheet, the instructor wrote that my person creeped him out. He did, however, qualify the statement as one of personal opinion and not a reflection of the quality of my work. We had a good laugh about it.

I wouldn't have said he looks creepy--especially considering that previous projects had us drawing people with no faces whatsoever. Although I do think adding pupils to his eyes would have given him an air of normalcy. I think if I'd given him dark hair, he'd look kind of like Rowan Atkinson. Or maybe with dark hair and a moustache, he could be Jack Dodson.


~M said...

Good Job on your art work. It's nice seeing the things you create.

P.S. This guy IS kinda creepy! LOL

papa said...

That's a really neat idea, Val! The only thing that would make it perfect id making one of the side chests/tables a keg box!

Kelly said...

LOL! I think the only thing that lends a slight creepiness to it is his posture next to the bed. It's a hey-baby-wanna-try-out-my-latest-design posture. ;-)

Ms. Val said...

Thank you. Creepy or not, I got an A on the assignment, and that's all that matters.

I think the side chest could be adapted to hold a small dorm fridge for beer, juice, water OR Pepsi. In design, you need to be able to create pieces that appeal to all types. In this case, the target demographic would be people who are too lazy to get up and go to the kitchen for their beverege of choice.

In that case, I'll use him again when and if I design a bar/piok-up joint. Thanks for the tip!