Saturday, January 17, 2009

Laundry Room Painted

After finally completing some touch-up work, I deemed the painted laundry room photo ready.

I decided base my paint color on Fiesta's contemporary Chartreuse color. I matched it up to a Behr paint color called Japanese Fern.

The space is nowhere near done. We still need to find and install wall cabinets, hooks for dusters and cleaning wands, and a drying rod. I also want to rig up some sort of dispenser for the dryer sheets. Additional photos will be posted when that part is done.

I like the look of an empty dryer surface. I'll be anxious to see how long it stays clean.


papa said...

Looks great Val!When I suggested Chartreuse and Sunflower I had forgotten that you kitchen is yellow, so you have that combo without having to add any yellow in the laundry room!
Good luck on keeping the top of the dryer clear! That space seems to be a magnet for things! BUT according to what I read in some magazine somewhere,a bunch of stuff piled on a dryer can shorten its life! Something about the weight pressing down on the drum and it retaining excess heat. So I have been trying (without a whole lot of luck) to keep the top of my dryer clear!

Ms. Val said...

Thanks for the advice about the dryer. I had no idea that keeping stuff on it could shorten its useful life.

Although that machine is almost 11 years old (we got it the week Luke was born). So if keeping gallon-sized bottles of laundry soap on top hasn't killed it yet, it's not likely to happen anytime soon. :-)

~M said...

Ooooh, I really like it! Nice Job, Val.

Kelly said...

ooooh purty.

I've never thought about a dryer sheet dispenser! I wonder if I could rig up something made for a tissue box...

Ms. Val said...

Thank you, ~M and Kelly! The bright color really brightens up the space.

As for using a plastic, decorative Kleenex box as a dryer sheet dispenser, I was thinking the exact same thing. I just need to find a way to mount it to the wall in a way that it can be easily refilled.

papa said...

I don't know if it would work or not (may be too big) but if there is an industial/hospital supply store somewhere near you, you can often find holders for those boxes of rubber gloves that you see hanging in every available spot in your doctor's office,hospital etc.

Ms. Val said...

I thought about that, papa. But everything I found was in the $30+ range. That's a lot of money to spend on dispensing generic Bounce sheets!

I'm currently looking at a VERY inexpensive IKEA solution. I'm thinking about outfitting the area under the shelf with stuff from their Bygel series. I can put the dryer sheets in a wire basket. The hooks would work great for holding feather dusters and other cleaning brushes. And Those little plastic containers will be useful trash bins for dryer lint and the food wrappers that the boys are always leaving in their pockets.

I'm not making that last part up.