Monday, January 12, 2009

Laundry Room Cleanout

With a week left before the semester starts, I was thinking about cleaning out and redoing the laundry room.
It's the only room--and I use that term loosely--that hasn't been painted or upgraded in any way. And after almost 10 years in this house, it is way past due. Colorwise, I'm thinking either Sapphire or Shamrock (royal blue and bright green to you non-dishers). Any opinions on this matter would be appreciated.

I'm also thinking about replacing this shelf with a cabinet or two. There is so much wasted space above the bottles of cleaners, laundry soaps, grout sealers, and light bulbs that are packed into this area. Much of this crap will be tossed in the trash. There's a package of bags for a vacuum cleaner that we no longer own!

These pictures didnt' turn out great. A 6' x 6' windowless room is very difficult to photograph.


Becky said...

I vote sapphire. And cabinets are good. We put them up over the washer and dryer in our laundry room.

~M said...

I like sapphire, too. However, if it's a dark room it might be better to paint it shamrock..only because it might be a bit brighter. I like the cabinet idea too. We have cabinets over our washer and dryer. Plus, if there's extra room, you can store your excess Fiesta in there LOL! We have a few extra cabinets from my old kitchen..I will send them too you :) just kidding!

papa said...

I vote differently! I vote Chartreuse instead of Shamrock just because it is a lighter color (and if you insist on a blue) with Sapphire accents! For some reason or another I lean towards Chartreuse and Sunflower for a happy look!(big grin)!!!!!

Ms. Val said...

I do like the contrast the Sapphire will create against the white appliances and cabinets.

I see your point about it being a dark room. The laundry room is situated in between the garage and kitchen/dining nook and there isn't a window to be found.

Also, if I lived closer, I'd definitely take you up on your cabinet offer! :-)

Is Chartreuse what you have in your kitchen? I always thought it was Shamrock. Hmmm....

In any case, I'm going to have to make up my mind soon. I'm going to The Depot to buy paint tomorrow morning.

~M said...

I like the Chartreuse look too. Oh while you're at Home might as well treat yourself to a new Front loading washer and dryer combo. I'm sure Q would approve LOL.*evil grin*
Check out their closet maid stuff, too.

Ms. Val said...

OMG, ~M, are you freaking kidding me?!?!?!? That washer is only 3 years old. When the old one flooded the entire laundry room and kitchen area, Q wanted me to get it fixed...even though it was 8 years old!

But he was in the hospital at the time. And since I didn't want to deal with the hassle, I overruled him and bought new.

RainbowDishes said...

I'm sure Q would approve HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA M, you sure don't know Q very well! LOL

Before I even got to Papa's suggestion, I was going to say either Chartreuse or Peacock if you still wanted blue. As much as I love Sapphire, I think it would make that room a cave. Same with Shamrock, probably a bit dark for a small windowless room like that.

If you did either Sunflower or Chartreuse, the white appliances and cabinets would still pop out against the colors. Sapphire would still make a great accent color with either one of those choices too.

Ms. Val said...

Sunflower is pretty much out of the question for two reasons: for starters the adjoining room is already painted bright yellow. Second, Sunflower with the white appliances would make the space look like a reverse fried egg.

~M said...

Well..did you get paint today? If so, what color did you get? Inquiring minds want to know.

Ms. Val said...

Yes, ~M, I did get to paint today! I chose a Behr color called Japanese Fern. Better known to you and the rest of the disher crowd as P-86 Chartreuse!

I'll post pics tomorrow after I apply a second coat, and reinstall the machines.

~M said...

Oh Goody...I can't wait to see the results. I'm sure it will be lovely.

RainbowDishes said...

would make the space look like a reverse fried egg

And what would be the problem with that??? LOL You would have a good name for the room besides the mundane Laundry Room that everybody uses!

I think you made an excellent choice with Japanese Fern.