Saturday, January 24, 2009

J. Dangle and Fuzzy

In recent weeks, these two kitties--J. Dangle and Fuzzy--have made their presence known on our street. They live two houses from us, but they have made themselves known to at least three families that I know of. The neighborhood children have become quite captivated with J. Dangle and Fuzzy. And they are just eating up the attention.

J. Dangle is always sitting on this rock in front of his house, keeping watch over the neighborhood. He seems to do better police work than his namesake. The only time he leaves his post is to walk a beat.

Fuzzy likes letting herself into our garage. Here, she has made herself at home on the trunk of the car. Jango and Fuzzy have had a few visual confrontations. For the time being, I have been able to keep a window or screen door between them.
I have a feeling that Fuzzy and J. Dangle will become regular blog material.