Sunday, December 21, 2008

Turf Green Underplate Escapes Death

Knowing of my fondness for Ironstone Fiesta, fellow collector Elaine sent me this ebay auction.

After a little negotiation with the seller over the price, this hard to find Turf Green sauce boat underplate was on its way to me.

On Friday afternoon, this package arrived in the mail:

The front of the box is mostly covered by the mailing label, but it is definitely a cereal box. That's what the seller used to ship vintage pottery. A cereal box. I still can't believe it.

Inside, the underplate was wrapped in newspaper. Funny, since the seller appears to have based her entire eBay business around the sale of pottery and dinnerware. The preferred packing material among dish collectors and buyers is bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts, and an amply sized cardboard box.

We collectors are always sharing horror stories of badly packed dish purchases. I have been regaled with tales of items packed in paper towels, plastic bags, old, unwashed pajama bottoms (ew!), diapers, and maxi pads (double and triple ew!). Many of these are damaged in transit.

I once received a large oval platter that was loosely wrapped in a disposable hospital bed pad and shipped in one of those oversized fibrous envelopes. Naturally, it arrived broken.

But this time, I got lucky. My Turf Green underplate arrived at its new home safe and sound.


DS Mark said...

Very nice piece at a great price!

I had someone send me a plate in a pizza box! It arrived damaged!

Ms. Val said...

Yeah, Mark. Now I remember your pizza box post! It seems to me that you've had a lot of dishes arrive damaged.

I'm happy with the underplate. I also found Antique Gold one recently for $7 plus shipping. Would I be greedy to expect an equally good deal for one in Mango Red? :-)

Elaine E said...

oh, Val...I'm so glad it made it, despite having (apparently) come from a cereal killer!!!

Ms. Val said...

LMAO!!!!! OMG, Elaine, that is seriously the funniest thing I've read all day!!!!!

Cereal killer. LOL!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

A cereal box. You have got to be kidding me.

It's your very own Christmas miracle. LOL.

Ms. Val said...

Miracle, indeed! It's a miracle that the plate didn't arrive broken.

RainbowDishes said...

It would have had better packing material if he had at least used the cereal for packing.

Very nice. I am so jealous cause I love Turf Green as much as you do. But my small, small, small collection of the stones has very little TG.

Ms. Val said...

Craig, most of my turf comes from mislisted ebay auctions, people who know I'm looking for it, or--in this case--both.

Anyway, we'll find you some Turf when we hit some antique stores/malls in July!

papa said...

Congrats Val! It amazes me sometimes what people pack in! And really wows me when the piece shows up intact!Do you have the Antique Gold one too?

Ms. Val said...

Papa, yes, I do have an Antique Gold underplate. In fact, I won it just over a week ago too.

Now, I don't have one in Amberstone...wink, wink.