Friday, December 26, 2008

Death to the Clamshell!

Eight reasons why clamshell packaging sucks:

1. Little boys don't want to wait for their parents to find a pair of scissors to open the package so they can play with their new toy. Thankfully, Lucas is one of the patient ones.

2. It's impossible to open clamshell packaging without completely destroying it. Since many stores don't accept returns on unpackaged merchandise, this makes it difficult, if not impossible, to return the item for any reason. I smell a conspiracy among retailers!

3. Once cut, those jagged edges are dangerous! If you're not careful, the raw edge of a clamshell could slice your skin right open. They do bad things to Hefty bags, too.

4. Most packages are much larger than necessary. We once bought an SD Card, which measures just over one square inch. It came wrapped in a clamshell that was roughly the size of a license plate. Wasteful!

5. Most clamshell packaging is not recyclable.

6. Even with scissors, it's very difficult to open without ripping the directions inside. Sometimes you might end up scratching, defacing, or just plain ruining the item itself.

7. Originally, clamshell packaging was created to deter theft of electronic devices, high end accessories, and other gadgets. A good idea, in theory. But when a $3 pinball game on a keychain is totally encased in a sheath of impenetrable plastic armor, then what's the point?

8. Anything in clamshell packaging is very difficult to gift wrap. This facilitates the need for gift bags to be used, which could cause DS Mark to go Joan Crawford on your a$$.


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