Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stuff I've Been Too Busy to Blog About

School, homework, errands, and family activities have put this blog on the back burner. Below is a brief synopsis of our lives during the past few weeks.
--Kyle got his braces removed. Per his request, no photos will be posted. My son is in the midst of a feud with the mamarazzi. It's bitter, too.
--I've lost nearly 10 pounds since we joined the gym in August. Q hasn't lost any weight (he doesn't really need to), but he his stamina is greatly increased. He also has greater muscle tone in his arms and legs. Pretty soon, he'll have a V-shaped torso! :-)
--On Tuesday Lucas got a haircut. A REAL haircut. Not a courtesy cut where the child gets a quarter-inch bang trim just to placate his parents. Pics will be posted when I feel like it.

--I've been shopping for a new wardrobe for school. In my impending line of work, a professional appearance is highly recommended...even for students. Consistant attendance, quality work, and the ability to meet deadlines are important. But a stylish, put-together wardrobe will speak volumes whenever the instructors are approached by employers seeking students for internship and employment opportunities.

--About two weeks ago, I injured my right wrist when I fell while roller skating. About a week later, Q rolled his left ankle while playing baseball with Lucas. We were debating as to who was going to drive the Mustang this past week. My right hand is the one I use for shifting, and Q uses his left foot for pushing the clutch. Since my pain was less than Q's I lost won.

--Last Friday was very eventful. Q and I went to the Joel McHale show at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. It was damn funny stuff--I think. I was quite plastered. Q and I had dinner at Los Dos Molinos, where I had the strongest margarita ever. The service was slow, but we didn't care. Q was buzzing, but I was feeling NO PAIN.

But I do remember that CT is devoid of any acceptable bathroom facilities. Whoever space planned this facility really ought to be smacked! The ladies' room had only FIVE stalls to serve the entire 2,600 seat venue! FIVE!!!! Needless to say, there was a very long line. Even so, I let a pregnant lady cut in front in me because she was in a lot of pain. A fetus sitting on your bladder will do that.

Around 10:30 as we were leaving the theatre, my cell phone rang. It was Kyle yelling for us to get home NOW. "ALL THE SMOKE ALARMS ARE GOING OFF!" After he convinced me that there was no smoke or fire, I had Kyle go ask our next door neighbor for help.

"Alan" unplugged four of the seven alarms in the house and everything was good. I was so grateful for his help, and was relieved to hear that he and his family were still awake when Kyle rang their doorbell. The next morning, Q went to the store and bought a big multi-pack of 9-volt batteries.


Amber said...

LOL @ your poor son and the smoke alarms.
WTG on losing 10lbs, that's quite an accomplishment!

Becky said...

"the mamarazzi"

I'm gonna remember that one.