Thursday, September 25, 2008

Miami Trip

I am finally getting around to posting pics from last weekend's trip to Miami (yes, we have a Miami in Arizona, too). It's a small turn-of-the century mining town about 100 miles east of Phoenix.

We went there to visit our friend Rick, and see his photography exhibit at a small local museum. Rick was such an incredible host. After leaving the museum, we ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant that serves their meals on Fiesta.

We also took a tour of historic downtown Miami. The architecture was amazing.

Much of the drive to Miami was through mountain passes. I captured this pic while Q and Luke were chasing lizards on the side of the highway.

Fireplace at the county courthouse.
Driving through town.

The old YMCA building in downtown Miami. It's for sale if anyone's interested.

A cool Art Deco motif on the window of an empty storefront.

An antique store's storage area full of cool yard junk. Too bad this place was closed.
We were all amused by this gas pump. The readout for the total price doesn't reach $10, and the per-gallon price doesn't reach $1.

This stair climb goes several courses up the hill.
Q and the boys at the top of the stair climb. Rick and I went up the first course before stopping. I wasn't going to make the entire hike in Birkenstocks.

Rick gifted me with this gold Granada coffee server. It has found a new home among my Ironstone collection.


RainbowDishes said...

A storage area full of cool yard junk. Too bad this place was closed.

Are you looking for a new bathtub for the yard? hehe I love the art deco window motif. Very cool.

Ms. Val said...

LOL! No, Craig, I'm not looking for a bathtub for the yard. But if done well, claw-foot tubs do make great flower beds.

If you look past the tub, this place had some really cool flower pots, plant stands, and trellises.