Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weekend Plans

Finish the laundry.

Take Kyle to birthday party at Laser Quest.

Figure out how to load music onto our new cell phones without subscribing for more Verizon services. All the music I want is bought, paid for, and loaded on my computer. And I'd rather use that than buy the same songs again.

Try to understand Bluetooth.

Replace the hydraulic trunk struts on the Mustang. At Target the other day, I had a bitch of a time loading the car because the damn trunk wouldn't stay open. It didn't help matters that I was parked on a slight incline, but still...

Take Kyle and his friend to a Mario Kart/Wii competition at the local Play N Trade.

Grocery shopping

Clean out Kyle's dresser. I'll only do this when he gets the junk out from under his bed to make room for the bins I bought for his extra jeans and t-shirts.

Enjoy the pool. Drink a few daiquiris. When the buzz hits, I'll switch to frozen Pepsi.

Think of new post ideas. This blog is going stale.


RainbowDishes said...

Think of new post ideas. This blog is going stale.

There seems to a bit of that going around. I need to find something new to post about for my blog too. A nice weekly questionnaire or something would be good too. Where do you go about finding something like that? Or do we need to make our own up?

Ms. Val said...

Well, as far as weekly questionnaires, Sean posts a few on his blog...Friday Feast is one. There's a website that posts new questions every week, and you just use those.

I used to do a Thursday 13 with great regularity. Sometimes I still do, but I'm afraid I've peaked with that one, too.

I don't want to say too much more because ideas are cooking in my mind, and this topic is quickly becoming post fodder.