Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Recent Discoveries

--Nothing jazzes up fried eggs like Pico Pica taco sauce.

--Modal bedsheets. Breatheable like cotton but WAY softer.

--Cinnamon bagels topped with honey-walnut cream cheese.

--Lucas reads the National Hurricane Center website everyday.

--I downloaded a copy of Midnight Train to Georgia only to find that it was already on my iPod.

--Jango has bad eyesight. This has been deduced by the fact that when it's dark out, she won't use her litterbox until we turn on the bathroom light. She also cries very loudly when we don't leave a light on at night.

--Betula sandals. The comfort of Birkenstocks but with flair.

--My boys know more Jefferson Starship songs than Elvis songs.

--While cleaning out my closet, I found a Banana Republic t-shirt that dated back to the days
when their offerings consisted of safari clothes.


papa said...

Gonna be modeling the BR t-shirt soon?

Ms. Val said...

Sorry, Papa, but no. It's a shapeless, baggy t-shirt...the type all us girls wore in the '80s.

My style has radically evolved since then. For one thing, I no longer anything with sleeves...unless it's under 70 degrees outside. In which case, the sleeves are long.