Monday, August 11, 2008

Paper, Paper Everywhere

Today was the boys' first day of school. They each brought home a very thick manila pocket folder that included two policy handbooks: one for the school, and one for the district.

There were also letters from the principal, school nurse, and district PR director.

And let's not forget the copies of: the attendance policy, school calendar, pick up/drop off instructions, PTSA membership form, unexcused tardies procedure, an authorization form that allows the student to be included in class photos, yearbooks, and other school publications, the parent volunteer training schedule, an application for the free/reduced meal program, and the August/September lunch menu.

Surprisingly, the medical and emergency release cards weren't included.

I knew these folders were coming. I spent Wednesday morning at the school with a bunch of parent and student volunteers assembling over a thousand of these things. At one point, Lucas was helping me count out stacks of 25 folders. He said the job was like "Bejing slave labor".

It didn't help matters that it was 85 degrees in the room.

Now that the folders are home, many of these forms need to be read, re-read, discussed with the student, signed by the parent, signed by the student, dated, and returned.

And then we have to sign and date another form, acknowledging that we read, re-read, discussed, and understand the above.

Since when did the starting a new grade become like closing escrow on a house?