Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday 13: Going Places

Below is a list of thirteen places I've been this week:

1. On Sunday, Q, the boys, and I went to the movies to see Iron Man. That was the longest Audi commercial I've ever seen.

2. Afterwards, we went to Ray's Pizza for dinner.

3. On Monday, the boys and I stopped by my mom's office to pick her up.

4. From there, we all went to the Verizon store to pick up Kyle's phone.

5. After that, we went to MOTO for lunch.

6. On Tuesday, Lucas and I made an increasingly rare trip to Jamba Juice.

7. Then we went to Target. Lucas used a Christmas gift card to buy baseballs and Mentos. I bought fun stuff like toothpaste, batteries, and Jet Dry.

8. On Wednesday morning, I took Kyle to the orthodontist to have a loose wire replaced.

9. Then we went to Target to pick up something I forgot on Tuesday's trip.

10. Then we stopped at the credit union.

11. Afterwards, we went to Macy's to pick up Q's Father's Day present. I spared Kyle a walk to the other end of the mall to Dillard's. But we did go to...

12. Trader Joe's. I'm pissed that the one item that prompted the trip was out of stock: green chili and cheese tamales. At least they had the shredded beef ones. Q and the boys will be happy.

13. And then we went home.