Monday, June 30, 2008

June Wordle

Like sisters who borrow each other's clothes, we bloggers are always borrowing each others ideas. And since I don't currently have an original post idea floating around in my head, I copied this one from Craig at RainbowDishes. Here, I used to create a collage of just about every word in this month's blog entries.

Common words were omitted, and each word was only used once. Even so, I thought my jumble would be bigger. This month's posts were numerous and quite wordy.

Click on the image below to see it larger.


Craig said... is pretty cool. Lately I had been fascinated by the Label Clouds I had seen on other blogs. That is where the most used label is the biggest (and often one color) and as it goes down the list, the next most-popular label gets a bit smaller (and a slightly different color). Wordle uses the same principle but gives you many options to play with. I am such a geek, I love me some technology.

Ms. Val said...

Wordle is fun...especially playing with the fonts, layouts, and other stuff.

I just have one problem with it. And it's a big one.

There' aren't enough different color schemes to choose from. And NO PINK!!!!! Hrmph!

And being a geek is not a bad thing. You're in good company. :-)

Craig said...

I totally agree about the color schemes being limited. I used the same color scheme as you did. You can go in and change the color variances, but even those variances are limited on choice. Hopefully they can't make it where you can pick your own colors. I could see you doing a totally pink color scheme. :)

Ms. Val said...

I could see you doing a totally pink color scheme. :)

And I can totally see you doing a rainbow color scheme. :-)))