Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Yesterday in "Dear Abby":

DEAR ABBY: I'm 13, and I have a problem with my parents. They have been having sex. That's not the problem, except for the fact that they don't wait for me to fall asleep before doing it. Tonight they had sex before saying goodnight! How do I confront them about this? -- FREAKED OUT IN ALAMEDA, CALIF.

DEAR FREAKED OUT: Tonight at dinner, say, "Mom, Dad, I think it's time we talked about the facts of life. The first fact of life is, I'm not deaf."

My Response: Be grateful, Honey. Be grateful that your parents are still together and that they still like love each other. Most kids your age aren't so lucky.

Also, there are worse things in life than overhearing your parents have sex with each other. You could be hearing them do it with other people.

Now, go close your door and listen to your iPod, Dear.


SeangSTM said...


Ah, I can relate to this kid, but at the same time, you're completely right, Val. lol :D

Ms. Val said...

Abby gave some good advice here. I just chose to take it a little further. If hearing Mommy and Daddy's carnal noises is this kid's biggest problem, then he (or she) has got a pretty good life.