Saturday, April 05, 2008

Container Gardening

As part of our ongoing backyard makeover, I've decided to try my hand at gardening. I'm planting everything in containers because their portability allows me to move heat sensitive plants indoors when needed. Also, buying pottery is half the fun. So far, I haven't killed everything...knock on wood.

Petunias and Impatiens. I love these pots. The colors remind me of Fiesta.


Gerbera Daisy. This bloom is the perfect shade of pink.

Elephant's Food. Note to self: buy more Talavera pottery.


No Arizona landscape would be complete without some Mexican pottery and cacti.


Mark G. said...

Great pictures! Love the pink daisy!

The impatiens are the only things that might give you trouble. Too much sun and they will wilt.

You may want to try Marigolds. They LOVE heat.

Ms. Val said...

Mark, that pink daisy is my favorite. It was rather sad looking when I rescued it from the Wal-Mart garden center. Now, it's the healthiest plant in my yard. I think when I buy more plants, I'll stick to daisies.

The impatiens live on the patio table so they're in the shade most of the day. I only put them with the petunias for a pottery picture.

I also have a pot of African Lilies that have 8+ shoots that are a week or so from blooming.