Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lucky Wheels!

Yes, as a matter of fact I do find $#!T like this interesting. If that makes me the biggest geek in life, then so be it.


karla said...

I had my car turn from 159999 to 160000 this morning! It's not as luck, but I like to watch it flip to the big numbers!

Ms. Val said...

Karla, I get the biggest out of watching the odometer make different number patterns. Like when it hit 12,345 miles, or even a month ago when it reached 76,767.

Oh, and I ask: 160,000 miles? Girl, what the heck are you driving?

karla said...

I have a 99 Grand Priz... If I can get 2 more years out of then I get a new car! But it still runs great. I have a few little things are going wrong like the cruze control light does not work, the controls on the stearing wheel don't light up, the radio alway says what it wants....sometimes the time is 18:67 and that's not military time! But the engine get me there with out any problems!