Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lost Evening

Kyle and Quinton are Lost fans. Lucas watches it too, but he isn't into it like his dad and brother are. As for me, when it comes to Lost, I'm lost.

Last night, ABC repeated last season's finale. I watched it with the guys, but despite the translatory crawl at the bottom of the screen, I was still asking questions. I'm trying hard to get into this show, but it skips around so much that it's hard to keep up.

Anyway, tonight is the Lost season premier, and Kyle is more excited than anyone. He's even wearing his favorite shirt to school.


Waldo's Home said...

I was a LOST fan, too, and then missed out on a lot when I moved to MN. I watched it last night and am looking forward to tonights show. The scrawl helped me catch up on some of it that I missed, and I also enjoyed the references to other things, e.i. Beach Boys, Wizard of Oz, Star Wars,etc. I usually don't pick up on that stuff unless it is pointed out. Tell Kyle and Quinton they can think of me, too, when they are watching it tonight. I will probaby miss the beginning, but hopefully not a lot.

Ms. Val said...

Pat, the show skips around so much between backstory, island time, and the future. Just trying to process everything gives me a headache And I get enough of those without the help of a TV show.

If I have a question, I'll just ask Kyle or Q.

Anonymous said...

LOST. I bought the first two seasons of Lost on DVD before I got into it. You really need to watch it like that. It's so good.

Denise Price

Ms. Val said...

Denise, I just might have to. It would be nice to know what those boys are talking about at the dinner table.