Monday, January 21, 2008

Fluffy Pink Searches, Part 4

--cheapest fluffy pink cushions

--fluffy pink christmas socks (I think my mother-in-law gave me some once.)

--ferris bueller's sister fiero (That was a cute car, wasn't it?)

--fluffy reindeer pink

--what's advantage of pink blog phones (They're PINK! Hello!!!! What MORE could you POSSIBLY want??????)

--cereal boxes with spaceships on it

--were can i go to find all pink furinure at (They might have some at INEA or maybe the baby girls' section of Ponnery Barn Kids.)

--pictures of trash and rat

--blog pink parlor

--"allison sugarbaker" lunch

--pink christmas trees fluffy

--feline dental clipart

--playroom wall

--all my fault (Yep!)

--myspace -jeff from the redroom -hitman- lake havasu, (You're looking for him HERE?)

--recycling styrofoam peanuts in peoria az (They'll take them at the UPS Store.)

--recipe for pink fluffy dessert

--pink fluffy dial phone

--cinemax after dark (LOT'S of bad acting there...or so I've heard.)

--cinemax blonde nose job

--ahwatukee oral surgery fox

--behr cinnamon cake

--dorchester iowa church (I've been there!)

--santa's firebird az free coupons

--herbergers stores arizona (Yeah, I wish!)

--ms. safari's pink ice cream truck article

--picture of a pink rat (Why?)

--"fresh prince of bel air" "set furniture"

--a small paragraph about how to keep friends (Are you too impatient to read anything longer?)

--fluffy pink and purple bubble chairs

--mecham fiero

--no more fluffy blog (Was it something I said?)

--val's bagels (They come from the bakery counter at Fry's.)

--fluffy pizza dough kitchenaid

--cheap purple dishes (I like finding mislisted lilac Fiesta on eBay.)

--arco stations blogg

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