Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Den: Before

We are currently in the process of installing new ceramic tile in the den. The clean-out began Friday night.

We had let the boys use this room as their place to hang out, watch TV, and play video games. But the privilege has been abused, and the room trashed. We are taking back the space, installing new tile, and maybe repainting. When it's all done, this room will house Q's weight bench and elliptical.

The empty room. The boys and I had all the furniture and the freezer moved out before Q got home from work.

This carpet really was obscene. It was even worse than the stuff in the living room, which we removed back in August.

Stainrelease, my @$$!!!!!
My compact trash compactor. This child really is Oscar the Grouch.

The carpet was apparently manufactured less than a month before we moved in.

I wear this outfit for most of our home improvement projects. And these overalls are thrashed! I believe they sport a sample of every paint color we've ever used in this house.