Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday 13

1. I am the only member of the household that doesn't have blue eyes. Even the cat's eyes are blue.

2. I've been looking for clearance patio furniture for the back yard, but the stores had cleared that stuff out over a month ago. Apparently, they figure that anyone who's in the market for lounge chairs had already bought them by mid-July.

3. My Fiesta/Harlequin collection includes 7 creamers...and we don't even drink coffee here.

4. Speaking of Fiesta, it is my opinion that one can never have too many sugar bowls.

5. Q took Tuesday off work. During an afternoon of errand running, we went to Tokyo Lobby for lunch. Just don't tell the boys. They'd be angry if they learned we went there without them.

6. My current online addiction is the Scrabble Blast game on MSN.

7. Like most cats, Jango sleeps an average of 17 hours per day. Why can't 8 of those hours be between 10 PM and 6 AM?

8. Kyle brought home a progress report yesterday. He's on his way to making honor roll for the first quarter. I'm so proud!

9. I was recently in the market for a piece of furniture to use as a kitchen island. Most of the islands I found were either too big, too short, or too expensive, or too boring. So I bought an piece that wasn't being marketed as an island, but could be used as such. I wish I could have seen the look on my mom's face when I called and told her that I had bought a baby changing table.

10. Today is picture day for Lucas' class (Kyle's is next week). Every year, I buy the boys colorful striped polo shirts for the occasion. That's as dressed up as they get all year.

11. I hate misplacing stuff. I have a bad habit of losing an item, going to the store to replace it, then finding the original shortly after I get home.

12. I hope it rains today. There's supposed to be some hurricane remnants coming up here from Baja, Mexico, and a little rain would be a big treat.

13. I'm always on the lookout for blog post ideas. I feel like I'm going dry.


Anonymous said...

Please don't stop writing. You're the only real entertainment I have these days! I look forward to your updates on Q and the boys. You're my hero.

Robyn, Buffalo New York

Ms. Val said...

Robyn, you are such a doll!!! I'm not going anywhere. I really couldn't think of a 13th item.

I'm really glad you're enjoying my writing. I'll tell Q you stopped by.