Monday, August 27, 2007

Teenage Parents

I guess you can call us that. As of now, Q and I are the parents of a teenager. Today is Kyle's 13th birthday.

This should be interesting. I know for fact that he's showing an interest in girls. One girl in particular, actually. Kyle gets very defensive whenever someone utters the "M" word. Furthermore, he got really upset once when my iPod played a certain Barry Manilow song, who's title is that "M" word. He demanded that I change the song, NOW!

Another sign Kyle's growing up: he now wants to order from the adult menu. And it's not that he isn't getting enough to eat. After all, he can--and does--pick from my plate. No, it's the cheesey names given to the kids' meals that make him self conscious about ordering from that menu.

The best example comes from this 50's theme restaurant we like. Kyle wanted a hamburger, but he didn't want to have to order something called the "Little Richard Burger" to get it. Unfortunately for Kyle, we insisted he order it because it was Tuesday night, and that's when kids get to eat free when ordering from the kids' menu. Anyway, Q softened the blow by ordering for him.

But we won't make him do that anymore. At 13, Kyle is now too old for the kids' menu. We'll also have to start paying the adult rate at the movies, theme parks, and every other place that differentiates their pricing based on a person's age.

On the other hand, I am now buying Kyle's clothes from the mens' department. All things being equal, I find adult clothes to be more economical than children's clothes. Kohl's recently had denim and cargo shorts for 70 to 90% off. I ended up buying him 5 pairs of shorts for $45, tax included. You rarely get those kind of deals in the kids' section.

Also, he still has a few years to wait, but Kyle already wants to learn to drive. Last weekend, Q was doing some work in the garage, and one of the cars needed to be moved. I think you know where I'm going with this. When I heard the car start, I glanced out the upstairs window. Seconds later, I saw Q exit from the passenger's side, while Kyle got out of the driver's seat. Q had let Kyle back the Dodge into the driveway. He did a good job, too. My side-view mirror is still intact.

Next lesson: stick shift.